VIDEO: Falling Off My Bike + Ian Cooks Up A Storm

May 23, 2016
Falling off my bike

A video of many parts, this one. Keeps it interesting right? A bike ride without any actual cycling (although plenty of shots of me looking absolutely ridiculous in Lycra), a wonderful photography exhibit at the stunning Somerset House and me looking on, dribbling slightly, while Ian cooks up an absolute corker of a Sunday dinner.

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Type 1 Diabetes

20 Years with Type 1 Diabetes

May 17, 2016
20 years with type 1 diabetes

Hey there, type 1 diabetes, you unassuming little thing. It’s just a Monday today. A Monday in late spring, where we’re still clinging onto the hope of a decent summer that may or may not be just around the corner. A Monday in which I got up, got showered, got dressed and went to work. I asked everyone how their weekends were. I told them about mine. I sat in meetings. I did my weekly shop on the way home. There was no party, no event. A day of routine behaviour; pleasant and nondescript. But today is also a unique day – an exceptional one in fact. On this day two decades ago, when I was eight, I woke up and did a wee in a glass jar. I went to the doctors, and then I got sent to the hospital. I was prodded and poked and my blood was drawn…

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Endurance Training vs Time: a conflict.

May 5, 2016
Endurance Training

Push, pull, push, pull, push, pull. I said those two words to myself, over and over, for a total of 4.5 hours on Saturday morning, interspersed with bursts of Prince/Little Mix to keep things entertaining. I cycled, as I have done for a number of weeks, from 7am (which is too early to be doing ANYTHING of a Saturday morning), until nearly midday, when I finally stopped turning the wheels over and used my legs for their much preferred option of walking on solid ground. This is my current reality. I’m in training again. Only this time, at this point, I very nearly, almost, sort of hate it. Three years ago, I bought a bike on a whim. Two and a half years ago, I used that bike to cycle myself to Paris. Turns out the bike wasn’t really fit for purpose, and also I didn’t really know anything at all about…

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Fitness, Wellbeing

The one where I had some of my heart lasered off

April 21, 2016
heart operation

WARNING: This is MAMMOTH. Get a brew, get a brewery. Get ready. Since being wheeled off in an ambulance with a rather stubborn case of SVT (superventricular tachycardia if you’ve got time or the inclination), there has been much prodding, poking and also some abrupt lubricating of my left breast. Headline: I now have slightly less heart than I had before. They blitzed a bit out of my body in a cruel and unrelenting fashion.* *I had a very routine procedure under local anaesthetic, which I was fully in the know about. But that’s not gonna hook you guys in, is it? Oh wait, it was via my groin (there’s the hook…) The right groin if you want specifics, which you probably don’t but since I gave the left breast so much attention last time we discussed this matter, it feels like I should balance things out. A 5.30am alarm…

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VIDEO: Roaming in Rotterdam

April 13, 2016
Rotterdam Video

Rotterdam, where have you been hiding? I went to hang out with the mylife Diabetes Network – a collective of blogger wonders from across Europe who share the commonality of a defunct pancreas. I filmed the weekend, which was only slightly annoying for them… If you CBA with a video, I’ve done a little photo gallery too. But do watch the video my loves, it’s much more fun and I’ll reward you with £1,000,000 general awesomeness.

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A Tale of Two Cities

April 5, 2016
A tale of two cities burnout

Last December, I split my life in two. It wasn’t conscious in the way that that makes it sound like I sliced it down the middle with a knife. But I very consciously took a job 200 miles from my wonderful home, and my wonderful life. Why? In all honesty, it wasn’t feeling so wonderful. Something had to give. I was burnt out, tired, anxious. My health was suffering. I didn’t ever overtly say it, not like that. Not for the whole year that I felt it in my core – in my soul – did I do something about it. I didn’t feel like I could. I know I’m not the only busy, driven, outwardly happy person out there who has felt like everything they have doesn’t fit together. That all the balls they’re juggling are in danger of crashing to the floor, where it turns out they didn’t…

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Rotterdam in Pictures

March 30, 2016

Rotterdam strikes me as a place that doesn’t get enough kudos. In the shadow of Amsterdam, I found a city with the most incredible, mixed up architecture, wonderful food and friendly, open people. I was there thanks to Ypsomed, the distributors of the Omnipod insulin pump that keeps me on this here earth. I joined their mylife Diabetes Network last year, and was inaugurated with a rather unbelievable trip to their HQ in Switzerland. This time we hit the Netherlands, which was no less unbelievable (or should that be no more believable?). The theme was again food, sightseeing and most importantly user testing and feedback of their upcoming products. In Burgdorf we saw the finished Ypsopump,  this time it was all about software. But software isn’t particularly sexy to photograph, so here are lots of pictures of a city that should get a lot more attention. There is a video coming soon that…

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VIDEO: Post-Op Return to Civilisation

March 15, 2016
post-op return

This idiot picked up her camera again… After being housebound for four days following the (casual) lasering of a piece of my heart, I ventured back into civilisation to celebrate y’know… being alive. Cue the montages. There’s a bit of East London roaming, a gorgeous celebratory lunch at Tarberna do Mercado (highly recommended if you like to try everything on the menu) and some red wine vibes with my best friends. Oh, and a couple of stubborn blood sugars… Do let me know if you like it. A full blog post of my ‘entertaining’ heart operation will be along soon…

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Type 1 Diabetes

Frio Cooling Wallets: Giveaway

March 9, 2016

**Please note this giveaway is now closed** Woohoo, free stuff!! I’m here to talk about Frio wallets. What’s a Frio wallet, you cry wimper quietly wonder? Frio is a company that helps to keep your insulin cool in hot temperatures. Sounds nifty, mostly because it is. Many products in this world vie for our attention, but this one I’m more than happy to talk about because there’s not a lot else out there that fulfils this absolute need as a type 1 diabetic. Granted, cooling insulin is not something us Brits generally have to worry about on the daily, aptly illustrated by the fact that I’m typing this as the snow falls outside. IT’S MARCH, PEOPLE. Hey, global warming called and left a message: We’re screwed. O-zone issues aside, many people may be aware that insulin gets a bit funky when it gets too hot. So when you’re travelling on holiday, these…

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