Yoga & Type 1 – Review of Kaliyoga, Spain | missjengrieves

I tried to make this video complete so that you could sit back and enjoy without having to wade through a text blog entry afterwards explaining all the numbers and fun stuff.
Sooo, have a watch and please pipe up with your thoughts and comments about yoga, wellness, exercise and diabetes and whether anything I’m jabbering about rings true with you as well. Maybe you aren’t diabetic and you use yoga as a way of keeping your head clear; I’d love to hear from you too! I knew I would enjoy this trip but I did not ever expect it to have such a lasting effect on my lifestyle. Intrigued? Let’s watch…


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3 comments on “Yoga & Type 1 – Review of Kaliyoga, Spain | missjengrieves

  1. Loved it Jen!! Love you!! Love that gorgeous scenery!! …maybe a travel journalist is your new calling haha. Lots of love as always, Jo xx

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