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September 3, 2013
London To Paris

Yes, I know, people keep telling me and I’m not one to argue given that it’s 100% fact.

I’ve changed.

So I made a little video of my exploits as this absolute non-athlete goes on a casual 100km bike ride of a bank holiday Monday, in preparation for my pant-wettingly fast approaching bike ride to Paris in aid of charideeeee.

Thought it might be amusing to watch me struggle (did I mention? Categorically NOT an athlete) but also vaguely interesting to see how I manage my blood sugars over such a sustained period of exercise. That fact that I couldn’t avoid the most UNFLATTERING CAMERA ANGLES EVER SEEN EVER EVER is something I’m slowly coming to terms with. Good job I’ve got no pride really.

P.S… Soz to Kellogg’s, it was no personal attack on you. I’m talking about cereal bars in general. Promise.

Enjoy! Please like the YouTube vid, comment here or over there or let me know on Twitter how scarred your retinas are after seeing me dressed head-to-toe in Lycra. The close-up upshot of my face as I talk about my ‘front bum’ has got to be worth that, surely?


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