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Ohhhh, we’re in The Guardian – Freestyle Libre Buzz

November 18, 2014
The Guardian

Mum, I’ve made it.

The buzz around the Abbott Freestyle Libre has extended beyond the Diabetes Online Community’s corner of the interweb and into the national press. Amy Fleming at The Guardian has written a great piece featuring lovely Mike from Every Day Ups and Downs and his thoughts on how the Libre is advancing diabetes management and making life safer for us who are used to relying on four or five finger pricks a day to understand the complex and confusing world of type 1 blood sugar behaviour.

There’s also a little quote from yours truly :)

I was really impressed with this article; Amy explains a lot of confusing information about type 1 very concisely, and very well. It’s all there factually and it’s really nice to see an article focussing on actual experiences of using the thing.

Click on the image there to give it a read in full. DOC for the win!


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