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Switzerland in Pictures

May 20, 2015
The Alps

Hey there.

I’m still dreaming about how entirely medicinal spending just two days by a Swiss lake last month was for my soul. I was there thanks to the team at Ypsomed as part of the mylife Diabetes Network of European diabetes bloggers, but hearing about new products and chatting the latest developments was only a small part of the weekend. My
experience was fascinating, exciting, refreshing, restorative, serene, interesting, useful… and delicious. Rather than give you a (likely) laborious 4000 word account of my trip in diary form, I thought I’d just tell a little story in pictures. Lots of pictures.

And so we pack the priorities. Neon notebooks, sunnies, and glitter makeup bags.


I was only here for four hours but guys, the fairy lights…

Heathrow Radisson

Heathrow channeling some sort of space station at 4am. I was impressed.

Heathrow as a space centre

The classic ‘plane wing upon landing in a new country’ shot. Never gets old.

Plane landing in Zurich

First stop – Ypsomed HQ in Burgdorf. Made it!

Ypsomed HQ

Dressing the part, naturally.

Jen in scrubs

And taking one for the team. What a lovely bunch of scrubbers!

everyone in scrubs

Then imagine arriving here to your accommodation for the weekend…

Arrival at the hotel

…and then finding out your room is in the top tower. The only room on the floor.


…which has a window on every side.

Bedroom south view

…with a majorly beautiful view of the lake.

Chateau view

Behold. Heaven.

Lakeside view

So obviously the best thing to do in these circumstances is to have a picnic on the shore.

Group in silhouette, lakeside

Cute hampers galore. Feeling pretty Gatsby at this point.

Picnic hampers

Ok, I’m gloating now. But LOOK.


I’m as happy (and as tired) as I look. It’s borderline manic.

Jen by the lake

Well that’s a sexy sunset isn’t it?

Lakeside sunset

Being as uncasually casual as it gets about my current situation.


Here’s some more beautifulness from the chateau the next morning.

Hotel hallway

And a lovely chandelier. Who doesn’t love an ornate chandelier?


Time to have a play with the new Ypsopump.


Curiouser and curiouser.


And of course, more food. So we ate a rather gorgeous lunch that involved a rather yummy dessert.


Before we happ’d upon the Alps. As you do of a Saturday.


Off we went for a stroll.

Swiss dam

A little hiking adventure, if you will.


It was entirely beautiful (are you sensing a theme?)

Swiss stream

And I got a little excited about it. Although I was having a bad hair day.

Jen hiking


Chocolate wall

I couldn’t resist. Again, some tiredness. And more bad hair.

Jen eating chocolate

Back to the chateau…


Where dinner was served.

Chateau dining room

And we ate more lovely, delicate things as we chatted, drank wine and shared stories of life with type 1.


Sunday. More type 1s than you can shake a Swiss chocolate bar at.

mylife diabetes network

Time for a final stroll and talk of life with the wonderful Andrea.

Walking with Andrea

Before I had to bid Switzerland farewell.

Swiss Flag

Special. It was special.


  • Reply lena May 21, 2015 at 9:48 am

    Looks amazing! All in all chocolate, walks, bad hair and excited tiredness haha 😀 love that pic of u with “bad hair” and a chocolate nearing ur mouth 😀

  • Reply Helen (@ActuallyBlog) May 21, 2015 at 10:54 am

    That all just looks so lovely. Foamy food, chocolate, and mountains – what’s not to love?

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