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VIDEO: What I Eat In A Day

June 23, 2015
Food Day In The Life

A little while ago I wrote this post about my perspective on food and how I approach the slightly tricksy relationship between food and type 1.

I decided to pick up the camera and do a vlog version to show you the sorts of things I eat in a day. In between the inevitable ramblings about eggs, there are lots of tips and nuggets about flavours, cooking, your relationship with food and eating to feel gooooood.

Voila. Nom. Scoff. Yum. Etc.

Sorry about the singing.

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  • Reply Claire June 23, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Dear Jen, I’m so glad I met you and your blog a couple of days ago, totally by accident clicking on some obscure link. I have been Type 1 since the age of 2 (that’s several years ago!), I went to Loughborough (Eng Lit & Library Studies) and have now turned to writing. Such coincidences. It looks like you are living/working in London, I live just outside London and am currently writing a blog about leaving and moving to Brighton – testing London a bit. Will follow your posts avidly!

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