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October 21, 2015
Juice Carton

Juice Carton

Normally I’m too busy downing this stuff like my life depended on it to take stock of the fact that I’m downing it because my life depends on it. Such an innocent, unassuming little thing ain’t it? 

One minute you’re all absent-mindedly weaving your way through London like an ant on a mission, the next you’re caught on a train grabbing the juice from the bottom of your bag because your brain ain’t got no glucose and you can’t really think. Having the juice means the dramatics pass quickly and you look like nothing more than an extremely thirsty, slightly pale yet strangely clammy weirdo masquerading as a professional commuter but with a clear and somewhat baffling child-like penchant for juice cartons.

No little juice, though, and suddenly you’re grappling between holding out and hoping you make it to a shop before you pass out, or else shunning all social norms and asking your fellow weary ants for the dregs of any sweets or liquids they may have on their person to spare you, the manic girl who just REALLY likes sugar, from passing out. 

Basically, this condition is funky AF.

S/O to Lidl for supplying this particular carton of sweet nectar. There’s no time to be snobby when it comes to hypos. 

As you were.


  • Reply Helen Wills October 21, 2015 at 11:54 am

    Uh-oh, I thought you were going to say someone tried to confiscate it from you again! We’re just having an argument with a well-known airline about how much liquid hypo treatment they will permit us to take onboard their very long flight. My blood is starting to boil!

  • Reply Eileen October 21, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    I find myself strangely getting a bit excited when the numbers drop. It feels like a fleeting moment of liberation- I can eat whatever I like!!! All images of previous moments of denial- the hot cross buns my teenage sons (with ENORMOUS, enviable, appetites) devoured at breakfast; americanos I trade for lattes- not to mention MARS BARS (do they still exist?) etc etc etc Then it’s a case of: hold on. Reign it in Eileen, NO YOU CANT… It’s just a small boost you need even though the body is demanding oh so much more. No you can’t Eileen… Really… oops, I just have. Bugger. Maybe I should just stick with the fruit juice too :-/

    • Reply missjengrieves October 30, 2015 at 11:03 am

      Haha I hear you! GIVE ME THE CHOCOLATE!!! I’m terrible for overcorrecting in the night particularly, when I’m a bit groggy and I just want to feel better immediately and go back to sleep. So I shovel everything in and then pay for it the next morning. A little juice carton brings me up just the right amount so I don’t have to measure it or think about it, which I like in those shaky moments! But sometimes I go for a little chocolate bar JUST BECAUSE I CAN :) xx

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