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VIDEO: Big Kids Get Over Excited in Margate

October 12, 2016
Girl at Dreamland, Margate

MARGATE. You adorable gem.
Went on a little trip to the seaside and got a little bit carried away at the newly-renovated theme park, Dreamland, which was indeed quite the dream.
There’s not much type 1 chat in this one because I was apparently busy inhaling sea air and screaming on funfair rides. I’m taking that as a good thing given how much of my time having type 1 diabetes generally demands of my brain. Potentially less great for you guys, depending on which bits you like to watch.
It was also VERY windy, which is the reason for the terrible hair day I was clearly having without my knowledge. We are both still upset that we didn’t make time for fish and chips.

A fun little video that proves the British seaside is alive and well – hurrah!


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