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VIDEO: A Delightful Scottish Fling

June 14, 2017
girl standing alone on a Scottish beach at Archerfield House

Ohhhh, Scotland, you medicinal land of restorative joy.

Firstly, apologies for the outrageously late and seasonally confusing upload. Yes I am indeed wrapped up in the depths of March and publishing this video in June. I lost half the edit and the resulting trauma (dramatic much?) meant I couldn’t face going back to it for a wee while. I’m over it. Totally over it *sobs into the keyboard*.

Thanks to the lovely people at Ypsomed who kindly invited me back to join the rest of the mylife Diabetes Network for another workshop weekend, I hopped on the tiniest plane known to man and got myself to Dirleton in East Lothian. We stayed at the breathtaking Archerfield House, which I have been dreaming about ever since – partly for the sea air, partly for the hospitality… but mostly for that bed.

Yes, this place is absolutely outrageous; next level beautiful. And I am a very lucky girl. BUT there were the usual blood sugar Olympics, inopportune insulin pump alarms, AND they felt it suitable to trust me with a shotgun. I KNOW.

If you can bear to get to the end there is some chat about looking after yourself, your diabetes and creating space to give your busy mind a break.

This was a glorious weekend when I really, really needed it, so thanks Ypsomed for inadvertently saving me from a minor breakdown with sea air, lovely people, awesome food and the most incredible bed I’ve ever slept in.

Seriously, the bed.

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    Wise words Jen x

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