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VIDEO: Blood Sugar Battles and Festive Feels

December 23, 2017
Girl with her head on a pillow talking to camera

The super high blood sugars and crashing low blood sugars that are unfortunately sometimes experienced with type 1 diabetes are often memorable because they are extreme. But for me, they are insignificant in relation to the day-to-day toll that this condition can take on you when you are riding just outside the lines. Testing, dosing, testing, dosing, assessing, calculating, planning, correcting… the background grind of type 1 diabetes is always there, even though – from the outside at least – all is well.

In this video I have a little chat about a difficult couple of weeks with my blood sugars, due to a winter cold and a hectic schedule. BUT this is a wholly positive video – I am in an ABSURDLY enthusiastic mood (it’s almost a concern), simply bopping around with my type 1 life. It’s not particularly glamorous, but it’s real.

I hope you enjoy this one x


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