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Via Insta: An Evening Of Freedom

December 29, 2017
Corner sofa in a pub

PRELUDE. The lights were perfectly dimmed and the colour scheme was on point and the air smelt deliciously mulled and the overall vibe was trendy but not *too* hipster and as the temperature dropped below freezing outside we four sank further into our booth and as we huddled happily together in our window seat it felt relaxed and familiar and chatty and easy and everything you could want from an accidental red wine Thursday in the week between Christmas and New Year. CHAPTER I. I returned to London from Yorkshire last night, back to our rickety, wonky, wonderful flat. After emptying my suitcase, I wrapped myself in a blanket and had a little nap on the sofa (Christmas is tiring, apparently), waking as my housemate returned from her Christmas travels, inviting me to have a few drinks in a pub that sits pretty much at the end of our road. …

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VIDEO: A Delightful Scottish Fling

June 14, 2017
girl standing alone on a Scottish beach at Archerfield House

Ohhhh, Scotland, you medicinal land of restorative joy. Firstly, apologies for the outrageously late and seasonally confusing upload. Yes I am indeed wrapped up in the depths of March and publishing this video in June. I lost half the edit and the resulting trauma (dramatic much?) meant I couldn’t face going back to it for a wee while. I’m over it. Totally over it *sobs into the keyboard*. Thanks to the lovely people at Ypsomed who kindly invited me back to join the rest of the mylife Diabetes Network for another workshop weekend, I hopped on the tiniest plane known to man and got myself to Dirleton in East Lothian. We stayed at the breathtaking Archerfield House, which I have been dreaming about ever since – partly for the sea air, partly for the hospitality… but mostly for that bed. Yes, this place is absolutely outrageous; next level beautiful. And I am…

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Long Distance Life Lessons

April 17, 2017
Underground tube station

Many of my blog posts start as a garbled sentence in my phone’s notes section. Not particularly romantic or considered, but those fleeting thoughts that you need to catch before they slip away don’t work to a particular schedule, and most often come when you should be concentrating on something else. Sometimes the words will pour out furiously, faster than I can keep up with, in one 20 minute commute. Other times I will sit on the sentence, let it fall in and out of my brain, safe in the knowledge that I’ve caught it and made it exist. About six months ago, I scribbled one such sentence. ‘Thoughts on building yourself back together.’ I was in a meeting and it had occurred to me, as I sat there of a very ordinary week day offering my professional opinion to people who were actually listening to what I had to say,…

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VIDEO: All the Emotions in Krakow

April 4, 2017

Krakow is a beautiful city, full of unbelievably friendly people. There was, of course, vodka. And then there was the starkness of a different kind of journey – a trip to Auschwitz, the setting of some of the greatest atrocities in modern history. This trip was as humbling at points as it was hilarious in others (beware – there is karaoke).

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VIDEO: Big Kids Get Over Excited in Margate

October 12, 2016
Girl at Dreamland, Margate

MARGATE. You adorable gem. Went on a little trip to the seaside and got a little bit carried away at the newly-renovated theme park, Dreamland, which was indeed quite the dream. There’s not much type 1 chat in this one because I was apparently busy inhaling sea air and screaming on funfair rides. I’m taking that as a good thing given how much of my time having type 1 diabetes generally demands of my brain. Potentially less great for you guys, depending on which bits you like to watch. It was also VERY windy, which is the reason for the terrible hair day I was clearly having without my knowledge. We are both still upset that we didn’t make time for fish and chips. A fun little video that proves the British seaside is alive and well – hurrah!  

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VIDEO: Maintaining my Dignity in Stockholm

September 1, 2016

Hello there, Stockholm you beauty. I’ve already addressed my new and instant love affair with this city, as documented in this here photo blog of my recent trip. I’ve now taken the visuals, made them move, put in some nice edits and filters and added a couple of royalty free tracks underneath so that it all skips along quite merrily. Oh, and there’s of course the interjected rambling from me that we’ve all come to expect. Also known as a vlog, then. It features many wonderful faces of the type 1 community, and it was a pleasure to hang out with them for a few days; discussing diabetes routine and experiences and fears and all the emotions that come with this strange condition. We also found room for a drink or two, of course. Many thanks to Abbott for inviting me along. It was a privilege to be a part of it.…

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Coast To Coast Cycling In A Day: Part II

August 10, 2016
Coast to Coast

If you’re new here, I’m currently in the middle of a 150 mile cycle across the country (as you do, except that I don’t), and apparently that’s not something you can recount in one blog post. Please feel free to go back and catch up if you missed the first part, and we’ll see you back here in a little while. There are dramas over there so it’s worth it, I almost guarantee. So, it was an eventful start, as we’ve established. But like a Kelly Clarkson power ballad I was ready to Overcome, and I finally managed to get a groove going. Having put myself back a substantial amount of time, I knew I had to just put my head down and turn the wheels. Push, pull, push, pull. The next stop was the crossing at Windermere. Although anxious to get moving, I allowed myself to enjoy the break…

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Coast To Coast Cycling In A Day: Part I

July 26, 2016
Coast to Coast in a day

So it turns out you can cycle the width of the country in a day, but you can’t tell the tale in one post. I hit 3800 words (OUCH) and just couldn’t do it to you guys. It’s now split in two, and herein lies part one of my adventure. So. We cycled the width of the country. I made no secret of the fact that I was utterly terrified as this drew closer and closer. A mix of excited anticipation, nervous terror and moments of absolute disbelief in myself for taking this on. How, due to my current geographical circumstances, I felt in no way as prepared as I did last time I threw myself full pelt into the ups and downs of a ridiculous physical challenge – the one that was, in my mind, the making of me. Let me tell you now – Coast to Coast is not…

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Via Insta: Misadventure #759

July 13, 2016
Bike crash

Apparently being able to cycle 150 miles across the country physically unscathed does not entitle you to a breezy two mile ride home of a Tuesday. Admittedly I was a little smug after my yoga class, basking in the glow of the setting sun as I left the gym. The reflection on the water made me so buoyant I Snapchatted it because that’s what we do instead of enjoying the moment. Oh, how the mighty fall. Hubris, people. I adore seeing adventure in the every day. It’s just sometimes slightly testing to experience the misadventure in the every day too. There I was, merrily zooming along the streets of Manchester when the fabric of the bag swinging from my handlebars caught in the tyre, ripping and blocking the spokes, bringing my ride to a crashing halt and sending me headfirst over the handlebars like some awful comedy sketch except that this…

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VIDEO: The Lowest Hypo Of My Life

July 6, 2016
Hypo on a plane

Oooooopsie. So you know, you’re on a flight at 6am and obviously, you’re asleep. You woke up at an obscene hour but that’s all fine because it means HOLIDAY TIME. Too early to eat anything, too early to remember what country you’re travelling to really. I barely manage to put my pants on the right way around on any given morning, let alone at 3.30am. We made the plane, we fell asleep. I woke from said inflight snooze, dreaming of sunshine and cats I presume, and did an arbitrary blood test. Just like the 14 billion others I’ve done in my life. Except this one gave me letters, not words. LOW. I wanted to capture it to see if there was any tangible difference to a less severe hypo. Answer: YES. Look at the state of me. Watching this back, I really am quite the shade of yellow. It’s a sinister combination…

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