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VIDEO: Falling in love with Venice

April 29, 2016
venice canals

Ohhhhh, Venice, you stole our hearts. Too many beautiful shots to choose from. So I pretty much chose them all. We went, we ate, we drank, we saw, we loved. I bolused, hard. Italy, I’m coming back for you and your exquisite gluttony. Very, very soon.

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VIDEO: Roaming in Rotterdam

April 13, 2016
Rotterdam Video

Rotterdam, where have you been hiding? I went to hang out with the mylife Diabetes Network – a collective of blogger wonders from across Europe who share the commonality of a defunct pancreas. I filmed the weekend, which was only slightly annoying for them… If you CBA with a video, I’ve done a little photo gallery too. But do watch the video my loves, it’s much more fun and I’ll reward you with £1,000,000 general awesomeness.

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Rotterdam in Pictures

March 30, 2016

Rotterdam strikes me as a place that doesn’t get enough kudos. In the shadow of Amsterdam, I found a city with the most incredible, mixed up architecture, wonderful food and friendly, open people. I was there thanks to Ypsomed, the distributors of the Omnipod insulin pump that keeps me on this here earth. I joined their mylife Diabetes Network last year, and was inaugurated with a rather unbelievable trip to their HQ in Switzerland. This time we hit the Netherlands, which was no less unbelievable (or should that be no more believable?). The theme was again food, sightseeing and most importantly user testing and feedback of their upcoming products. In Burgdorf we saw the finished Ypsopump,  this time it was all about software. But software isn’t particularly sexy to photograph, so here are lots of pictures of a city that should get a lot more attention. There is a video coming soon that…

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My First Ever Blog Post (and why it’s all Adele’s fault)

November 8, 2015

Adele’s BACK. Thank Christ; that cackle is medicinal I’m sure of it. Also at the risk of sounding simultaneously needy AND stalkery (I’ll go with it, it’s not a new thing), can we have a night in the pub, please babes? The first single from her third album was debuted a couple of weeks ago, prompting an Internet meltdown (of which I was a ‘gushing’ part of, according to The Independent. More points to me for playing it cool) as ‘Hello’ instantly disrupted the entire entertainment industry. As I said in that… ‘enthusiastic’ tweet, she has the voice of a century. She is an incredible artist. It prompted me to spend the morning replaying her back catalogue. This, in turn, led to a somewhat empowered ‘Hell YES it’s Friday, hell YES I AM ALIVE!’ *snaps fingers* style shower and I really was the perfectly blended embodiment of both Rolling in the Deep…

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Jen’s Happiness Ten: Sept 2015 (Or, Fowey you stole my heart)

October 29, 2015
Fowey Town

I’m cheating with this again. Forgive me but it’s probably going to save hours of your time, not to mention exasperation over what we’ll call my ‘proficiency’ at tangents. I wanted to write you a whole, unapologetic and gushing love letter about my intense feelings for Fowey after my first visit last month. But I’ll just tell you through some phone pictures of varying quality and size instead. With a few words, first, because I just can’t help myself. Our reason for descending on Fowey was a wedding (not ours), but we decided to extend the trip for a few extra days because Cornwall is a damn long way from just about everywhere, not least Southern Spain where we flew in from after a fleeting three days in the sun with Mrs Grieves, brothers Grieves and Co. It was entirely worth it, not only for the beautiful nuptials, not only for the…

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September 17, 2015
Ibiza Sunset

‘Jen?’ I could tell by the inflection that she was slightly nervous. ‘Yeh?’ I replied snoozily, eyes half-closed, having slowed my reactions in the way that relaxing on a sun lounger in the Ibizan heat demands of you. ‘I hope you don’t mind me asking, but, what’s that thing on your back?’ I really didn’t mind her asking. I’d rather she ask than think that I was wearing an ASBO tag, as we joked later. We spent the next ten minutes having a really nice, curious and interesting chat about my pod-dependant type 1 life. I was, as in not unheard of when one sunbathes, in a bikini. Normally my concerns about being around other people in two tiny cuts of fabric extend to remembering to breathe in all the damn day. Because: cheese and wine for life. But this year there was an extra thing to worry about. Well,…

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Inside The Mind Of An Idiot Type 1 Diabetic At Glastonbury

July 3, 2015

I went. I saw. I sang. I laughed. I glittered. I boozed. I survived. Oh my god I’ve got a ticket to Glastonbury! What does that even mean? Oh, now I’ve got to figure out getting there. It’s ok, it’s 6 months away. One week to go and I haven’t ordered my prescriptions yet. Time to plead with the pharmacist to lend me an emergency box of test strips. Nice one, idiot. Is 50 test strips enough for four days? What if I find a new family at the Stone Circle and never leave? Better bring my backup meter. How many needles is too many needles? Out of context, that is a really weird question. I need to buy hypo juice. And emergency sweets. And all the cereal bars. God I hate cereal bars. Oh, everyone seems to be buying cereal bars anyway! This is good. It’s like Glastonbury is…

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Bloggers In Berlin

June 7, 2015
Instagram Camera

Berlin for the weekend you say? Yes please. I was invited by Abbott (y’know, those of the Freestyle Libre and many other things) to join them for #DXBerlin, an exchange weekend bringing together type 1 diabetes bloggers from eight European countries to meet, chat, absorb, learn, engage and share insight and perspective around this glorious (read: not so glorious) condition of ours. Apparently it’s not only boys that are like buses. Having only been back a few weeks from my glorious trip to Switzerland with Ypsomed – the first time I’d ever met any diabetes bloggers from outside the UK, and the first time I’d ever been invited anywhere else on a diabetes basis – I was still glowing (just – May was a lot) from how interesting, useful and almost therapeutic the trip had been, and here I am off the back of another one, feeling similarly inspired despite the trip being…

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Switzerland in Pictures

May 20, 2015
The Alps

Hey there. I’m still dreaming about how entirely medicinal spending just two days by a Swiss lake last month was for my soul. I was there thanks to the team at Ypsomed as part of the mylife Diabetes Network of European diabetes bloggers, but hearing about new products and chatting the latest developments was only a small part of the weekend. My experience was fascinating, exciting, refreshing, restorative, serene, interesting, useful… and delicious. Rather than give you a (likely) laborious 4000 word account of my trip in diary form, I thought I’d just tell a little story in pictures. Lots of pictures. And so we pack the priorities. Neon notebooks, sunnies, and glitter makeup bags. I was only here for four hours but guys, the fairy lights… Heathrow channeling some sort of space station at 4am. I was impressed. The classic ‘plane wing upon landing in a new country’ shot.…

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How Not To Start Your Holiday As A Type 1 Diabetic

April 12, 2015
Sunset at St Paul's Bay, Malta

Holaaaaa. If you follow me on the social meeds, you may be aware I skipped off to Malta for the Easter holibobs. Malta? Destination for the retired? Not so, my little adventurers. Annie Mac, who I’m sure you’ve heard of, was hosting her first festival on the island. We also happen to share office space, unsurprising considering that we both have the same employer. Given her existence as a general all-round kick-ass lady boss of a human absolutely killing it on her own terms (my favourite kind of human by all accounts), I was HELLA keen for this. As was Ian, as was a sizeable portion of the office. That’s the really nice thing about Radio 1 Towers. Everyone is always up for supporting each other’s stuff, front row and centre. Everyone also happens to be partial to having a damn good time. Tickets bought, hotel booked, flights secured. Aside from…

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