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The Blaze Of You

November 2, 2017
the face of a man lit by glowing embers

The injustice of pouring all that you are So lovingly into the molten veins of another Who failed to mention they had no intention Of escaping their own veiled destruction.   Steadily they devour your revelatory light Until you come to realise you’re all but extinguished And left at the core of the toxic flames You unknowingly helped to ignite.   The delicious heat that draws your bodies together Now scorches the fragments of your desiccated soul The precious alchemy you both created evaporates With one last loving beat of your heart.

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Jen’s Happiness Ten: June 2015

July 17, 2015
Glastonbury Sunset

Remember June? Glorious, chaotic, technicolor June? These summer days are whizzing by with an absolute heady fury, and my routine has been somewhat out of joint for a while. You may (although more likely not) have noticed a bit of a reduction in online noise from moi for the past few weeks – no doubt to your absolute relief if you have clocked it. To be all delusions of grandeur about it, I’ve been de-digitising a bit in order to make sure I’m actually present in the real world. That sounds entirely ridiculous and unnecessary when I write it like that, but sometimes all the amazing connectivity we now have can steadily become constant and incessant background noise that takes away from what we’re actually doing. Trying to keep up with the Internet, as wonderful as it is, sometimes leaves me feeling like I’m drowning in its enormity. So sleep…

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Two October Events That Made Me Happy To Have Type 1

November 4, 2014
Auntie Shirley, me, and co-organiser Fiona

Happy November! Get the gingerbread lattes ready… <insert CocaCola theme tune> holidays are ruddy coming. In a blaze of tinsel, Christmas lights, mulled wine and oh so many layers of knitwear, it’s on its way and I cannot WAIT. It also makes me pull excitable faces like this… But first… There was October. For all the shit that comes with diabetes, there are undoubtedly some upsides if you squint through the haze of the hypos. The people I’ve connected to on the interwebz through this blog, the opportunities it’s offered me, the outlook it’s given me and the positivity it’s somehow afforded me. But the two things I’ve been consistently and positively overwhelmed by the most = 1. the wonderful moment of meeting someone from our solid community online in real life (of which the number happily keeps on growing) and 2. the generosity of people when it comes to…

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