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Via Insta: Lessons From 2017

January 2, 2018
Girl standing on a beach wearing a bikini and an insulin pump

2017 Lessons: Love your soft bits and your flat bits and your weird bits and your bionic bits. Work hard on the bits on the inside and the outside will shine so much brighter, even if it’s a little paler or squidgier or wonkier than you would ideally like. Let yourself be vulnerable, look for the light and don’t hang onto the things that hurt for too long. Always, always be kind – and that includes being kind to yourself. Do less so that you can give more and ultimately, some people are just dicks. Wishing you love and light for 2018✨💫🙏🏼

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Via Insta

Via Insta: To Be Continued

April 10, 2017
coffee and a laptop at a table

Here we are. I’ve had a week off to regroup after a chapter of my life (namely spending a disproportionate amount of time on a train between LDN and MCR) has come to a close. It gave me just a little time to finally sit still for a minute, reflecting and processing and just being ~here~ after embarking on quite an obscure work/life situation for more than a year. And, it happened. Just like that, just when I thought all the words that had been buzzing around my brain for months in a disparate and jumbled swarm would never come to make any sense, and just when I thought the relentless scrambled sentences had been disconnected from my fingertips forever, that I would never write again despite feeling so very much about so very much…. they came. The words came. To be continued…

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Via Insta: Misadventure #759

July 13, 2016
Bike crash

Apparently being able to cycle 150 miles across the country physically unscathed does not entitle you to a breezy two mile ride home of a Tuesday. Admittedly I was a little smug after my yoga class, basking in the glow of the setting sun as I left the gym. The reflection on the water made me so buoyant I Snapchatted it because that’s what we do instead of enjoying the moment. Oh, how the mighty fall. Hubris, people. I adore seeing adventure in the every day. It’s just sometimes slightly testing to experience the misadventure in the every day too. There I was, merrily zooming along the streets of Manchester when the fabric of the bag swinging from my handlebars caught in the tyre, ripping and blocking the spokes, bringing my ride to a crashing halt and sending me headfirst over the handlebars like some awful comedy sketch except that this…

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Type 1 Diabetes, Via Insta

Via Insta: Stopped in my Tracks

October 21, 2015
Juice Carton

Normally I’m too busy downing this stuff like my life depended on it to take stock of the fact that I’m downing it because my life depends on it. Such an innocent, unassuming little thing ain’t it?  One minute you’re all absent-mindedly weaving your way through London like an ant on a mission, the next you’re caught on a train grabbing the juice from the bottom of your bag because your brain ain’t got no glucose and you can’t really think. Having the juice means the dramatics pass quickly and you look like nothing more than an extremely thirsty, slightly pale yet strangely clammy weirdo masquerading as a professional commuter but with a clear and somewhat baffling child-like penchant for juice cartons. No little juice, though, and suddenly you’re grappling between holding out and hoping you make it to a shop before you pass out, or else shunning all social…

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