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VIDEO: Setting A Temporary Basal

February 4, 2016
Temporary Basal Omnipod

Oh hey. Got a new camera. Made a new video. For this reason: No-one told me about the temporary basal function when I signed up to That Pump Life. I also (obviously) didn’t seek out that information, so that one’s on me. But I got an almost life-changing type of surprise when I did surrender the injections and attach myself to this little unassuming piece of kit that just quietly keeps me alive every day. This video is not an instruction, because it’s in what we shall henceforth deem ‘JenSpeak’ and if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that JenSpeak is a non-technical, slightly laboured and mildly bemusing way of communicating. BUT if you’re not one for the Science Bit, this might just work for you.   I am very aware I chose music that really sounds like I’m in a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Which is probably a childhood dream realised. For…

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Type 1 Diabetes, Videos

That Time I Got Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes

October 12, 2015
Type 1 Diagnosis Story

Oh, to be alive. I have 100% written about my diagnosis before, so I’m basically just shoving this down your throats because, multi-platform, innit? This was more like therapy than a vlog. You’ll see. Any questions because apparently I just really love to talk rubbish about the Spice Girls instead of actually providing you with useful information, please comment! I like to know you’re out there. There’s 400,000 of us type 1s in the UK alone. You’re not alone in this, baby.

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How To Make A Short Film (Maybe)…

October 9, 2015
short film image

…Because apparently I’m an expert now. Well, we all know that’s a heinous lie, but I have gone and produced a little video for anyone thinking of entering Diabetes UK’s Diabetes In School Short Film Competition. That title makes me want to lie down a little bit. Also, it doesn’t fit into YouTube titling which gave me some grief. It’s a little tips and tricks video that might help get the creative juices flowing (what is that phrase about? What exactly are these juices? And where are they flowing from?) when scripting, filming and producing your short film. Full competition details live here, and the submission deadline is 16th November 2015. Oh, and you have to be aged between 11-17 to enter. Sorry, Grumps.    

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VIDEO: What I Eat In A Day

June 23, 2015
Food Day In The Life

A little while ago I wrote this post about my perspective on food and how I approach the slightly tricksy relationship between food and type 1. I decided to pick up the camera and do a vlog version to show you the sorts of things I eat in a day. In between the inevitable ramblings about eggs, there are lots of tips and nuggets about flavours, cooking, your relationship with food and eating to feel gooooood. Voila. Nom. Scoff. Yum. Etc. Sorry about the singing.

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What Is Type 1 Diabetes? | missjengrieves

April 22, 2015
What Is Type 1 Diabetes

In a bid to clear up some of the mammoth confusion surrounding diabetes, I thought I’d make a video in ‘Jen Speak’ about what Type 1 Diabetes actually is. It’s a hard condition to get your little head around if you live with it, let alone if you don’t. So please show this to anyone who would care to devote eight minutes of their life to my ahem… ‘alternative’ explanation – no medical speak allowed! And in case you are looking for information from the actual experts, here are some links that might help you: Online Carb Counting Course  JDRF UK – What is Type 1 Diabetes Diabetes UK – Type 1 Diabetes – Education – Newly Diagnosed? – How many factors affect blood sugar?

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Day In The Life – Diet, Exercise, Travel and more | missjengrieves

March 16, 2015
Jen Grieves - A Day In The Life

*Adopts Beyonce Drunk In Love Voice* ‘I been vlogging, I been vlogging…’ This follows my post(s) about bouncing back from a day of type 1 errors, which seemed to spark a fair bit of virtual nodding that we pancreatically challenged folk have a LOT to think about. So I picked a day that hadn’t started perfectly in terms of blood sugars, and documented it to explore what it is we’re dealing with here. This was a very average day; I wasn’t gallivanting or holidaying or partying, and yet it took some work to stay on track. I also touched on my thoughts on diet, exercise, travel and other aspects of diabetes management. There’s also a healthy dose of my usual weird facial expressions. I don’t know why either. PLUS! A very sexy diabetes quiz – who knew that could be a thing?! – featuring poor unsuspecting Ian (although I think he quite enjoyed…

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Omnipod Dos and Don’ts | missjengrieves

February 24, 2015
Omnipod Update

Oh hey! It’s been three months since I attached myself to the Fembot. Two words: Learning. Curve. Thought I’d give you some dos and don’ts of life on the pump. They’re not to be taken as advice, as we all know I’m not the one for life lessons… Sorry about the sound. And the lighting. Sorry. I need a new camera. And a clue. Enjoy though, yeh?

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Este HAIM Chats About Life With Type 1 Diabetes

December 5, 2013

Scroll to the bottom if you can’t be jacked to read my waffle. The vid’s there, worry not. Sooo… major jokes that this happened. Still can’t get over it (although it’s clear to see by account of how much gushing I manage in 180 seconds). Everybody be cool. It was a right place right time kinda thing –  I found myself chatting to Californian uber babes HAIM to fill time while they waited for an interviewer to arrive. After rambling on about watching them play in New York after a hurricane (as you do) and so on, I managed to grow some proverbial balls and tell Este that I was a fellow type 1. (Oh, by the way, Este has type 1). ‘No wayyyyyy! I never meet anyone else with this damn thing!’ she exclaimed. We started chatting about how there aren’t enough positive role models out there for YOUNG…

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Cycling To Paris and Running a Half Marathon With Type 1 | missjengrieves

November 13, 2013
London To Paris

MOST MAMMOTH EDIT EVER. But it’s here! Nearly two months on, the challenge is a completely surreal distant dream. The finer points are all a bit hazy, but the feeling I got from that epic week will never ever leave me. What a year. So where the hell have I been all this time? Well, apart from getting very heavily reacquainted with the bottom of a wine glass – normal service and then some has resumed – I’ve also been busy moving house, getting a new job and being consistently distracted by the sudden regular appearance of a human boy. GASP. And I thought it would have time on my hands after this was over… silly, silly Jen. This video is 22 minutes, so quite an investment on your part (soz in advance for the heavy use of the nostril angle) but if you’ve any interest in diabetes, cycling, running,…

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