Time To Let The Light In

August 14, 2017
dark room in silhouette with bright white window

The music swept over me, and for the first time in weeks I persuaded my brain to concentrate on one thing instead of one hundred things. Apparently trying to hold your leg in the air without crashing to the floor is really good for focus.  As I jabbed and kicked in time, I steadily became consumed by the moves and the music. Lungs are heaving. Heart is bursting. You can almost feel the bad energy being expelled from your being through the sweat. You’ve surrended all caution. You’re in for the duration. The instructor shouted, and we moved (mostly) in time, with varying vigour. Gym classes are a funny thing, aren’t they? A lot of trainers seem to sniff at them; discarding them for the prancers, the faux-fit, those who are partial to a gentle grapevine from the 80s. They’re not for serious gym-goers, is the impression I get from the mammoth-muscled elite. But…

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VIDEO: A Delightful Scottish Fling

June 14, 2017
girl standing alone on a Scottish beach at Archerfield House

Ohhhh, Scotland, you medicinal land of restorative joy. Firstly, apologies for the outrageously late and seasonally confusing upload. Yes I am indeed wrapped up in the depths of March and publishing this video in June. I lost half the edit and the resulting trauma (dramatic much?) meant I couldn’t face going back to it for a wee while. I’m over it. Totally over it *sobs into the keyboard*. Thanks to the lovely people at Ypsomed who kindly invited me back to join the rest of the mylife Diabetes Network for another workshop weekend, I hopped on the tiniest plane known to man and got myself to Dirleton in East Lothian. We stayed at the breathtaking Archerfield House, which I have been dreaming about ever since – partly for the sea air, partly for the hospitality… but mostly for that bed. Yes, this place is absolutely outrageous; next level beautiful. And I am…

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VIDEO: Stepping Back To Move Forward

April 28, 2017
girl smiling at camera

Life can be a lot sometimes can’t it? This is a little day out and about as I adjust to being back in London, changing jobs and getting my feet back on the ground again after spending nearly a year and a half on a LOT of trains. Trying to keep all the balls in the air is not an easy thing for anyone to do so I touch on a few bits and pieces here that are important for me to prioritise in order to stay sane. Oh, and I also get my skin lasered…

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Long Distance Life Lessons

April 17, 2017
Underground tube station

Many of my blog posts start as a garbled sentence in my phone’s notes section. Not particularly romantic or considered, but those fleeting thoughts that you need to catch before they slip away don’t work to a particular schedule, and most often come when you should be concentrating on something else. Sometimes the words will pour out furiously, faster than I can keep up with, in one 20 minute commute. Other times I will sit on the sentence, let it fall in and out of my brain, safe in the knowledge that I’ve caught it and made it exist. About six months ago, I scribbled one such sentence. ‘Thoughts on building yourself back together.’ I was in a meeting and it had occurred to me, as I sat there of a very ordinary week day offering my professional opinion to people who were actually listening to what I had to say,…

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Via Insta

Via Insta: To Be Continued

April 10, 2017
coffee and a laptop at a table

Here we are. I’ve had a week off to regroup after a chapter of my life (namely spending a disproportionate amount of time on a train between LDN and MCR) has come to a close. It gave me just a little time to finally sit still for a minute, reflecting and processing and just being ~here~ after embarking on quite an obscure work/life situation for more than a year. And, it happened. Just like that, just when I thought all the words that had been buzzing around my brain for months in a disparate and jumbled swarm would never come to make any sense, and just when I thought the relentless scrambled sentences had been disconnected from my fingertips forever, that I would never write again despite feeling so very much about so very much…. they came. The words came. To be continued…

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VIDEO: All the Emotions in Krakow

April 4, 2017

Krakow is a beautiful city, full of unbelievably friendly people. There was, of course, vodka. And then there was the starkness of a different kind of journey – a trip to Auschwitz, the setting of some of the greatest atrocities in modern history. This trip was as humbling at points as it was hilarious in others (beware – there is karaoke).

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VIDEO: Trying Not To Go Blind

February 20, 2017
Girl scratching her head looking anxious

Ohhhh the oft-feared diabetes eye screening. It’s something I, like many, wish I didn’t have to face. But like most things, facing your fears is generally better in the long run than leaving it all in the depths of the unknown (she says, from woeful experience). If I’m going blind, I’d like to know as soon as possible please and thank you. Ultimately, a diagnosis of background retinopathy some years ago completely changed my attitude to my type 1 diabetes. In fact, it’s the very reason I created this here blog and started sharing my experiences around my pancreatically-challenged life. Yes, eye screenings are daunting and not the most fun experience in the world, but they’re important, and they’re a privilege that many with type 1 don’t have. It’s also really quite hilarious to go back into work needing to wear sunglasses at your computer on the cloudiest of December days… If you’ve…

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VIDEO: There Is Always Hope

February 7, 2017
girl in the rain

I know I haven’t written a juicy ramble on here in a while. I miss it. But life has to be lived in order to have experiences to share. My thoughts are all a bit jumbled at the moment, but the words will come, I know that. The videos feel right, right now – poignant, creative, expressive, visual. They’re still stories, it’s just a different way of telling them. And while the world feels a bit jumbled too, we can help each other. There is some terrifying stuff happening out there. But there is always hope.  

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VIDEO: A Moody Yorkshire Christmas

January 9, 2017
Girl walking on a windy day

It was moody, it was beautiful, it was CHRISTMAS!! Here we are being all festive in the most stunning of places, North Yorkshire. I embraced the winds to get out and about in amongst the nature, and even went for a little jog on Christmas day (it’s a great idea, I promise). Some chat about life, and some chat about managing your blood sugars as a type 1 diabetic while doing ALL THE FESTIVE EATING OF THINGS. Happy New Year guys. I missed you x  

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