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VIDEO: Trying Not To Go Blind

February 20, 2017
Girl scratching her head looking anxious

Ohhhh the oft-feared diabetes eye screening. It’s something I, like many, wish I didn’t have to face. But like most things, facing your fears is generally better in the long run than leaving it all in the depths of the unknown (she says, from woeful experience). If I’m going blind, I’d like to know as soon as possible please and thank you. Ultimately, a diagnosis of background retinopathy some years ago completely changed my attitude to my type 1 diabetes. In fact, it’s the very reason I created this here blog and started sharing my experiences around my pancreatically-challenged life. Yes, eye screenings are daunting and not the most fun experience in the world, but they’re important, and they’re a privilege that many with type 1 don’t have. It’s also really quite hilarious to go back into work needing to wear sunglasses at your computer on the cloudiest of December days… If you’ve…

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VIDEO: There Is Always Hope

February 7, 2017
girl in the rain

I know I haven’t written a juicy ramble on here in a while. I miss it. But life has to be lived in order to have experiences to share. My thoughts are all a bit jumbled at the moment, but the words will come, I know that. The videos feel right, right now – poignant, creative, expressive, visual. They’re still stories, it’s just a different way of telling them. And while the world feels a bit jumbled too, we can help each other. There is some terrifying stuff happening out there. But there is always hope.  

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VIDEO: A Moody Yorkshire Christmas

January 9, 2017
Girl walking on a windy day

It was moody, it was beautiful, it was CHRISTMAS!! Here we are being all festive in the most stunning of places, North Yorkshire. I embraced the winds to get out and about in amongst the nature, and even went for a little jog on Christmas day (it’s a great idea, I promise). Some chat about life, and some chat about managing your blood sugars as a type 1 diabetic while doing ALL THE FESTIVE EATING OF THINGS. Happy New Year guys. I missed you x  

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VIDEO: Being Poorly with Type 1 Diabetes

October 24, 2016
girl talking to camera

Like everyone else in the whole of the UK I was struck down with a lurgy to mark the official start of Autumn. Managing type 1 diabetes can make things even more interesting if you’re feeling under the weather, so I had a little natter about how I navigated living with type 1 while feeling gross. My blood sugar levels were noticeably higher, and I took what I like to call an ‘instinctual’ approach to adjusting my doses. Scientists and mathematicians, avert your eyes. Aside from the natterings, I went to the gym which was a visual delight for all involved, ate some carbs (shock), generally pottered around East London and celebrated my new winter jumper with some red wine and an exceptional curry. Solid weekend behaviour I think you’ll agree.   Let me know if you’ve been under the weather and your blood sugars have been a bit cheeky about…

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VIDEO: Big Kids Get Over Excited in Margate

October 12, 2016
Girl at Dreamland, Margate

MARGATE. You adorable gem. Went on a little trip to the seaside and got a little bit carried away at the newly-renovated theme park, Dreamland, which was indeed quite the dream. There’s not much type 1 chat in this one because I was apparently busy inhaling sea air and screaming on funfair rides. I’m taking that as a good thing given how much of my time having type 1 diabetes generally demands of my brain. Potentially less great for you guys, depending on which bits you like to watch. It was also VERY windy, which is the reason for the terrible hair day I was clearly having without my knowledge. We are both still upset that we didn’t make time for fish and chips. A fun little video that proves the British seaside is alive and well – hurrah!  

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Via Insta: A Journey From Self-Loathing

September 28, 2016
Journey from self-loathing

What a wasted life, those hours, days, weeks, years she spent pulling desperately at every inch and tugging at every corner of this precious house she calls a body. Too broad (shoulders), too fine (hair), too flat (chest), too FAT. Always, above all, too fat. This body that she analysed and scrutinised and then dismissed and mistreated and was desperate to get away from. Wanted to claw out of, so consumed by her hatred of it that it stopped her living her life. That it made her behave in sad, ridiculous ways. The body that she finally, eventually came to see works so hard every second just to give her life, to keep her breathing, to allow her memories, experiences and love. That she rewarded for so long only with loathing, betrayal, an all-consuming wish to have another. Any other.  That woman there now, she isn’t perfect, but she’s healthy…

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VIDEO: Maintaining my Dignity in Stockholm

September 1, 2016

Hello there, Stockholm you beauty. I’ve already addressed my new and instant love affair with this city, as documented in this here photo blog of my recent trip. I’ve now taken the visuals, made them move, put in some nice edits and filters and added a couple of royalty free tracks underneath so that it all skips along quite merrily. Oh, and there’s of course the interjected rambling from me that we’ve all come to expect. Also known as a vlog, then. It features many wonderful faces of the type 1 community, and it was a pleasure to hang out with them for a few days; discussing diabetes routine and experiences and fears and all the emotions that come with this strange condition. We also found room for a drink or two, of course. Many thanks to Abbott for inviting me along. It was a privilege to be a part of it.…

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Coast To Coast Cycling In A Day: Part II

August 10, 2016
Coast to Coast

If you’re new here, I’m currently in the middle of a 150 mile cycle across the country (as you do, except that I don’t), and apparently that’s not something you can recount in one blog post. Please feel free to go back and catch up if you missed the first part, and we’ll see you back here in a little while. There are dramas over there so it’s worth it, I almost guarantee. So, it was an eventful start, as we’ve established. But like a Kelly Clarkson power ballad I was ready to Overcome, and I finally managed to get a groove going. Having put myself back a substantial amount of time, I knew I had to just put my head down and turn the wheels. Push, pull, push, pull. The next stop was the crossing at Windermere. Although anxious to get moving, I allowed myself to enjoy the break…

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Internet Overload Is A Thing, People.

August 4, 2016

We’ve all been there. Somehow, a whole 35 minutes after you opened your phone and loaded <insert app here> to check or log something, you realise you’re in a deep well of the overwhelmingly ‘meh’ Instagram photos of someone you’ve never met’s pug. You don’t even care for pugs. Your brain has become putty, and your eyes are glazed. Yet still, you scroll. And that book you’ve been reading for months is still sat on your bedside table, 20 pages in. And yes you watched that TV show, but you can’t quite remember what happened because you were definitely idly checking Twitter at the same time, not really paying attention to either screen properly. Research from Ofcom released today reveals that the average adult now spends 25 hours a week online. MORE THAN A WHOLE DAY of their seven-day week. That’s a lot. And I’m 100% front and centre, representing that…

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