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VIDEO: A Month on the Freestyle Libre – My Thoughts

July 18, 2016
freestyle libre

I know, I know, another video. I just can’t seem to get the written word out at the moment in a form that I like or think would be even mildly amusing to anyone, so my creative juices are being channelled this way instead. Sorry/you’re welcome. I recently wired myself back up to the Freestyle Libre. I was lucky enough to be given two sensors to try when it first came out back in 2014. The first one was a beautiful experience, as described if you follow that handy little hyperlink. I saved the second sensor for when I switched from injections to the Omnipod insulin pump. Let’s just say our harmonious relationship was put to the test with the second sensor. A combination of too many new pieces of kit, too much new information and drastically changing blood sugars proved all a bit too much, and I haven’t purchased any since. My monthly…

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Via Insta: Misadventure #759

July 13, 2016
Bike crash

Apparently being able to cycle 150 miles across the country physically unscathed does not entitle you to a breezy two mile ride home of a Tuesday. Admittedly I was a little smug after my yoga class, basking in the glow of the setting sun as I left the gym. The reflection on the water made me so buoyant I Snapchatted it because that’s what we do instead of enjoying the moment. Oh, how the mighty fall. Hubris, people. I adore seeing adventure in the every day. It’s just sometimes slightly testing to experience the misadventure in the every day too. There I was, merrily zooming along the streets of Manchester when the fabric of the bag swinging from my handlebars caught in the tyre, ripping and blocking the spokes, bringing my ride to a crashing halt and sending me headfirst over the handlebars like some awful comedy sketch except that this…

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VIDEO: The Lowest Hypo Of My Life

July 6, 2016
Hypo on a plane

Oooooopsie. So you know, you’re on a flight at 6am and obviously, you’re asleep. You woke up at an obscene hour but that’s all fine because it means HOLIDAY TIME. Too early to eat anything, too early to remember what country you’re travelling to really. I barely manage to put my pants on the right way around on any given morning, let alone at 3.30am. We made the plane, we fell asleep. I woke from said inflight snooze, dreaming of sunshine and cats I presume, and did an arbitrary blood test. Just like the 14 billion others I’ve done in my life. Except this one gave me letters, not words. LOW. I wanted to capture it to see if there was any tangible difference to a less severe hypo. Answer: YES. Look at the state of me. Watching this back, I really am quite the shade of yellow. It’s a sinister combination…

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VIDEO: Type 1 Diabetes and Mental Health

June 16, 2016
type 1 diabetes and mental health

It’s Diabetes Week. Hooray? It’s great that the focus this year is clearing up misconceptions, dispelling myths and setting the record straight. Education, always. So I’ve made a little video around a topic I feel very passionately about: how living with type 1 diabetes impacts your mental health. I’ve written a long and passionate post on the subject here, and I just think there needs to be greater emphasis on the fact that this is a mental condition as much as it is a physical one. I strongly believe that if this was addressed, the numbers would improve, and we potentially wouldn’t have the highest HbA1c figures in Europe. Potentially. I’ve spoken out to hopefully open up the conversation a bit more, so if this resonates with you please do let me know. I know there’s a ton of things I’ve missed off and I’m also no expert in psychological…

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Stockholm In Pictures

June 9, 2016
Stockholm in Pictures

Stockholm, it was about time I met you. I always suspected it would be a place I could have a passionate love affair with. Except the Swedes are too cool for such over-zealous displays of emotion. So instead I gave Stockholm some lingering eye contact; it gave me a subtle nod in return. I bit my lip, raised my eyebrow. It asked me how I was doing, and whether I was having a nice time. And I was. I really was. I spent a weekend flirting outrageously with this city, and like any blossoming relationship, it only left me wanting more. The cupid of this situation was Abbott, who had invited me to Stockholm for the second DX event, having attended the inaugural #DXBerlin last year. Honoured and delighted, I of course packed my bags, giddy with the anticipation of catching up with so many wonderful diabetics that social media has allowed me…

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VIDEO: 20 Year Diaversary, Spice Girls + Chest Waxing?!

June 2, 2016

The videos just keep on coming don’t they? I’m having a lot of fun filming, being creative with the shooting and trying to make them look and sound lovely, rather than just simply waffling into a camera. I hope you’re enjoying them too, if not… sorry about that. This one’s worth watching on the basis that I dressed up as Posh Spice, complete with wig and catsuit. It was a lot. Aside from that, Ian heads up to Manchester and we explore the city with some nice coffee from Ezra & Gil in The Northern Quarter (good breakfast menu too in you love an egg/avocado combo as much as I do), Junkyard Golf Club which I would highly recommend as a fun way to spend an hour, and some super sushi from Umezushi, where I met a fellow type 1 with an Omnipod at the next table. Obviously. I also briefly…

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VIDEO: Falling Off My Bike + Ian Cooks Up A Storm

May 23, 2016
Falling off my bike

A video of many parts, this one. Keeps it interesting right? A bike ride without any actual cycling (although plenty of shots of me looking absolutely ridiculous in Lycra), a wonderful photography exhibit at the stunning Somerset House and me looking on, dribbling slightly, while Ian cooks up an absolute corker of a Sunday dinner.

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20 Years with Type 1 Diabetes

May 17, 2016
20 years with type 1 diabetes

Hey there, type 1 diabetes, you unassuming little thing. It’s just a Monday today. A Monday in late spring, where we’re still clinging onto the hope of a decent summer that may or may not be just around the corner. A Monday in which I got up, got showered, got dressed and went to work. I asked everyone how their weekends were. I told them about mine. I sat in meetings. I did my weekly shop on the way home. There was no party, no event. A day of routine behaviour; pleasant and nondescript. But today is also a unique day – an exceptional one in fact. On this day two decades ago, when I was eight, I woke up and did a wee in a glass jar. I went to the doctors, and then I got sent to the hospital. I was prodded and poked and my blood was drawn…

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Endurance Training vs Time: a conflict.

May 5, 2016
Endurance Training

Push, pull, push, pull, push, pull. I said those two words to myself, over and over, for a total of 4.5 hours on Saturday morning, interspersed with bursts of Prince/Little Mix to keep things entertaining. I cycled, as I have done for a number of weeks, from 7am (which is too early to be doing ANYTHING of a Saturday morning), until nearly midday, when I finally stopped turning the wheels over and used my legs for their much preferred option of walking on solid ground. This is my current reality. I’m in training again. Only this time, at this point, I very nearly, almost, sort of hate it. Three years ago, I bought a bike on a whim. Two and a half years ago, I used that bike to cycle myself to Paris. Turns out the bike wasn’t really fit for purpose, and also I didn’t really know anything at all about…

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VIDEO: Falling in love with Venice

April 29, 2016

Ohhhhh, Venice, you stole our hearts. Too many beautiful shots to choose from. So I pretty much chose them all. We went, we ate, we drank, we saw, we loved. I bolused, hard. Italy, I’m coming back for you and your exquisite gluttony. Very, very soon.

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